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  • Steven Meredith

5 Benefits of Working with a Business Consultant for Small Businesses & Self-Employed Professionals

Today’s small businesses face numerous challenges, not least coping with fundamental changes such as the pandemic lockdown and Brexit and their consequences.

The nuts and bolts of any small enterprise are the levels of skills that it can draw on at anyone time. Hiring a business consultant may seem expensive for self-employed individuals and companies operating on tight budgets but the right person can deliver huge dividends for growth and future success.

1 - Tapping into Expertise On-Demand

No business owner knows everything. However great their product or service is, there are always options that lead to improvement and gaps in both skills and knowledge. A good business consultant can help fill in those gaps and streamline your business in ways that you may never have thought of.

Tapping into this expertise at some point for your company is one of the key drivers for change and growth. It can even give your business the boost it needs to reach the next level.

Business consultants provide either generalised services and look at your organisation and its operation as a whole or they have a specific focus such as accountancy and tax, HR or marketing and sales that they can assist with.

Bekah Marshall Consulting is different. Our unique business consulting service combines strategic operational business consultancy with outsourced business support services. Essentially this means that we don’t just provide you with the strategy, advice and recommendations, we can also provide you with the expertise to make change happen!

2 - Better Resource Allocation

Whether you’re self-employed or an SME, making the most of your resources is key to success.

If you and other people are wasting time on tasks that are not conducive to improving profits, it can be a huge but hidden drain on the business and, in the long term, may have catastrophic consequences.

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to employ a full-time HR department who can ensure that the best people are in the right place at the right time. A HR specialist business consultant could be brought on board to better organise these resources and give you an overview of what needs to be tackled going forward.

On the other hand, if you hire a specialist marketing consultant, they can help you make the most of your advertising budget so you hit the mark with your content and slogans, target strong leads and boost conversions.

These types of short-term hiring can pay for themselves ten-fold with better use of time, resources and effort as well as money.

3 - Strategic Planning

Small business owners often have to be jacks of all trades. That can leave little or no time for strategic planning which is essential not only for maintaining operational effectiveness but for growing into the future.

A business consultant can alleviate the pressure and take an outside look at your operation and what elements you need in place to fulfil the promise of your original or current business plan.

In truth, plans, however well thought out, often go out the window with the hustle and bustle of the daily routine, especially when running a small business. A consultant helps you get back on track and revise your strategic plan so that it is fit for purpose.

4 - Building Your Marketing Plan

Because it’s such a vital part of success, one of the areas where a business consultant is called in is to assist with marketing approaches.

There are a lot of tools available nowadays for companies of all sizes, including website development, social media and pay-per-click advertising to name just a few. Bringing these together into a coherent marketing campaign is a full-time job in itself.

Most small business owners have some grasp of marketing but their resources can get spread pretty thin with little or no positive result.

A business consultant will undertake the necessary groundwork and revitalise your marketing approach so that it works effectively and costs you less.

5 - Saving Time and Money for Your Business

There are numerous ways in which hiring a small business consultant can save you both time and money. They see what you don’t and can make suggestions and take action that has a huge and positive impact on your operation.

With a good business consultant, this will certainly offset the cost of their services and deliver a strong return on your investment.

Book a free 30 minute discovery call with Melanie Marshall today to discuss your strategic business consultancy needs.


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