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Uncompromising in delivering quality for our clients

Image of Melanie Marshall (woman) smiling widely

About Us

Bekah Marshall Consulting is a boutique business consultancy that provides flexible, reliable and insight-driven expertise. The consultancy was founded in December of 2020 by Melanie Marshall, a small business owner with 20 years of experience in recruitment, HR, and sales in the corporate sector. Drawing on her wealth of knowledge in scaling business operations, Melanie has been able to quickly grasp clients’ needs — and provide effective solutions that drive results.


Since opening our doors, we’re proud to have an ever-growing portfolio of returning and new clients, including:


  • Small and medium sized businesses 

  • Start-ups 

  • Micro-businesses

  • Self-employed professionals; and 

  • Entrepreneurs 

What makes us different?

All too often, business consultants will give textbook advice that doesn't resonate with how a small business owner operates day to day. Bekah Marshall Consulting was founded in part to help businesses adapt and navigate the new, flexible world of work


Melanie’s experience makes her well-placed to understand and empathise with the challenges faced by small business owners. Operating with honesty, integrity and enthusiasm, Melanie has a deep-rooted passion for what she does — and works tirelessly to see every client succeed.


At Bekah Marshall Consulting, having a positive impact on the world around us is at the heart of what we do. We believe that business can be a force for good in our communities and beyond, and we work with businesses who feel the same way. We're not just here to help you boost sales and increase market share; we want to help you be a force for change — and build stronger relationships with your customer base. 

About - What Makes Different

Our Values


We know that we can achieve more by working together, and leveraging everyone's individual strengths. We embrace different points of view, knowing that they make us smarter, sharper, more agile, more innovative, and more creative.


Empathy is the foundation of the successful relationships that we build with our clients. We endeavour to listen deeply, be understanding, remain open-minded, and actively engage to create solutions that are best suited to our clients' needs.


We operate with honesty, openness, and transparency. Our clients entrust us to work as an extension of their business, and we take that trust very seriously, ensuring that we maintain  our clients' authenticity. 


We believe that opportunity should be available to everyone. We celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion because it makes us stronger as a team and as a business. We know that different perspectives lead to better ideas, and we always seek to understand before being understood.


We mitigate risk for our clients so that we can be confident in the pursuit of change, adaptation and growth. This provides peace of mind for our clients, who can be at ease knowing that their business is in capable hands. 


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About - Values
Image of Melanie Marshall (woman) wide smile

"Quite often, business owners have the passion and the vision, but need the support and the know-how to pull it all together" 

Melanie Marshall - Founder & Director, Bekah Marshall Consulting

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