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Frequently Asked Questions

When working with Bekah Marshall Consulting, we want our clients and freelance professionals to feel informed and confident.


Although every client's needs are met by our customized services, and all our projects are specially tailored for each client, there are still some questions that arise from time to time.


Find out if we've answered your question in the information below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that isn't covered here.

  • A competitive marketplace is causing my company to struggle. Are you able to help us stay relevant?
    Yes, we can. To determine which option is best for you, we can schedule a free discovery call in which we can discuss one-to-one strategic services, business support services, or a combination of both.
  • What is the purpose of a discovery call?
    During a discovery call, our goal is to understand the client's needs, define the scope of the project, and determine the correct pricing.
  • How do you customize your services for a niche company?
    Bekah Marshall Consulting will help you navigate the best practices and innovative ways of doing things so that your company can become more efficient. Our process begins with designing a campaign tailored to you. As we discuss your needs and requirements, we determine what services are most beneficial to your niche company. Clear milestones and deliverables for the project(s) we undertake are outlined in our proposal. We love to see businesses find success by solving their problems, whether that comes in the form of strategic planning, managing expenses so your business can be more profitable, or simply selecting the best talent.
  • Can I meet with you in person?
    Melanie Marshall is available to meet with you in person if you live in the London area, although an online meeting is preferred. While some projects may require an onsite visit, this is not the norm and is at the discretion of the freelance Associate. Onsite visits may incur charges. Associate and client meetings can, however, be scheduled online on a regular basis.
  • Can you work from our offices?
    All our freelance Associates work remotely. While some projects may require an onsite visit, this is not the norm and is at the discretion of the freelance Associate. Onsite visits may incur charges. Associate and client meetings, however, can be scheduled online on a regular basis.
  • How do you hire and select your Associates?
    Melanie Marshall personally interviews and vets all freelance Associates. Working with just anyone isn't an option for us! We only hire Associates who have demonstrated expertise in their fields. Visit for more information.
  • What is your fee structure?
    We offer hourly, fixed project, and retainer fees, depending on the project scope. Depending on the budget and complexity of the project, each project varies. You can request a pricing guide, or book a discovery call to receive a bespoke pricing proposal.
  • What are my payment options?
    You can pay via BACS, bank transfers, PayPal, or Stripe.
  • What are the terms of your payment?
    In some fixed-price projects, a deposit is required prior to the start of services, and the balance is payable upon completion. Ongoing services are invoiced weekly, and payment is due 7 days after receipt of the invoice. The full amount of some retained services is due each month before work begins.
  • Am I locked into a long-term contract?
    No. In the case of ongoing and retained services, the standard notice period is seven days.
  • Would you be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
    To protect your interests, the terms you agree with us contain confidentiality, work ownership, and copyright clauses. We also have separate Data Protection Agreements with each Associate that reflect these clauses. Most of our clients would not need an NDA because of the measures we put in place as a matter of course. Nevertheless, if you would prefer us to sign an NDA, just let us know and we can discuss it before we begin working together.
  • What is the best way to keep track of my freelance Associate(s)?
    The time our freelance Associates work each day is tracked by online time tracking software. Our clients receive a weekly timesheet report.
  • What are your operating hours?
    Our business hours are 8am-6pm GMT, Monday through Friday. Our services are available 24/7 for clients worldwide. We have UK-based Associates and overseas Associates (digital nomads!), so we can work evenings and weekends in UK time or in the local time zone of our clients.
  • Where are your freelance Associates located?
    Most of our freelance Associates are based in the United Kingdom. In some cases, we also hire freelancers who are based overseas, depending on the scope and requirements of the project.
  • Are your Sales Associates native English speakers?
    We select freelance Associates who are native English speakers for our UK clients, unless otherwise requested. We do have UK clients who are developing their business overseas and require other native language skills. Our sales Associates are selected with native and fluent language skills for our global clients.
  • How do I get started at Bekah Marshall Consulting?
    A two-stage interview process is conducted if you are shortlisted to assess your skills, experience, and preferences for work.
  • Do I have the option of working with other clients?
    There is no requirement for our Associates to exclusively work with Bekah Marshall Consulting. By encouraging freelance professionals to develop flourishing businesses, we ensure that you won't work on projects that would compromise your integrity or our clients' interests.
  • How many hours am I permitted to work?
    It is typical for our freelance Associates to work 40 to 150 hours per month with us, depending on the project(s) they are undertaking. We do not offer any full-time, permanent employment opportunities.
  • When do I receive my payment?
    Payments are made weekly by bank transfer for invoiced hours submitted with a timesheet.
  • What is the procedure for logging my work hours?
    The time worked by our Associates is recorded each day on our online time tracking system. To be paid, you must submit a timesheet of your hours worked with your invoices on a weekly basis.
  • Is this a self-employment opportunity?
    Yes, our freelance Associates are sole traders, self-employed professionals, or independent limited company contractors. Please note that Bekah Marshall Consulting does not offer any employment work opportunities.
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