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How Small Business Owners can Stay Connected when Remote Working

Remote working can be a powerful tool. We live in a digital age, and working from home has proven viable. As a small business owner, you will want to stay connected. You need to be able to coordinate with your team effectively to guarantee success.

How do you do this? What should you be doing to connect with your team properly during remote working? There are a few things you can do. It’s important to understand that remote working can be your best friend for saving money and getting the top talent. Let’s take a look.

Create a Virtual Schedule

Remote working should be just as structured as everyday office routines. The best way to ensure you stay connected to your team is to create a schedule that closely mirrors working in the office.

For example, you could create a meeting every morning where all team members sit and talk. If you usually do this in person, do it virtually. Check out our blog post on our top 5 virtual meeting software tools.

Use Collaboration Tools

Think about how business happens in the office. Your workers need specific tools and software to complete tasks. Therefore, to stay connected during remote work, you must ensure that people use the right collaboration tools.

Having access to these same tools means that your staff will connect with you in the same way regardless of where they are. If they need your approval to do something, then rather than walk to you, they might give you a call instead.

Take Virtual Breaks Together

If you work together, you need to take breaks together. An essential part of staying connected with your staff is the breakroom, ironically. You can use virtual and physical breaks as a way for people to talk, get to know each other, and connect. If you have an open call, and you say that between 10:30 am and 11:00 am, you will be available in this virtual space; staff can take their breaks with you.


Finally, if you’re going to have a thriving remote working environment, you need to take the time to check in with each team member individually. If everybody were in the office together, it would be easy for you to have a quick meeting with someone to ensure they are doing okay. Nowadays, you have to try and schedule this via remote working. However, it is well worth it, especially as there can be mental health challenges that come from remote working or residual concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Final Thoughts

So, remote working is a valuable resource that has a number of benefits to it. Taking the time to set up a remote working environment can sometimes be tricky for you as a business owner, but if you do, you can secure the top talent and cut costs on office space.

If you’re looking to source top talent in a competitive market, improve remote working productivity or staff communications, contact us today. Book a free discovery call to discuss your business needs and requirements.


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