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  • Sam Tydeman

Our Top 5 Collaboration Tools for Small Businesses

With the increase in remote working, we have also seen a rise in the variety of tools and software we need to use daily. Whether your business is big or small, one standard tool that has been used more and more is collaboration tools.

It helps remote workers work effectively with the rest of their team, their department or the wider business.

It may make sense for this to be the case for larger businesses, but collaboration tools can also be helpful for small businesses too.

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To help you work out which is right for you, we have put together our top 5 collaboration tools for small businesses and why we think they are so great.

1 - Slack

Remote working relies heavily on communication, so Slack is an excellent choice for many small business owners.

Slack is designed around communication, which means that if you need to keep one another updated as you work, you will want to try this software out.

As well as being well-known and respected for what it can do, it is also ideal for team messaging. You can customise a whole wealth of options on the platform too, which means it can look how you want it to.

2 - Teams

It wouldn't be a blog post about remote working if it didn't mention Teams. The go-to for many businesses, it is a part of the broader Microsoft 365 office suite of software and tools.

Teams are more than just a video conferencing system. It allows you to message and communicate as well as share documentation too.

Whilst Teams is often a popular choice, it is always worthwhile knowing that it needs to be used in conjunction with the rest of the Microsoft suite of tools; else, it might not have the key functionality that you need.

3 - Trello

If you want a tool that is easy to use and perfect for those new to collaborative remote working, then Trello is ideal for you. Trello is simple, but this doesn't mean that it is not practical.

It has a "card" feature, which means it is easy to see where each team member is at a glance. Not only this, but you can quickly see how your work is flowing too.

The setup for Trello is quick, and then the software itself works intuitively, which means that it is ideal for small businesses who want to quickly master the software and then let it get to work.

If your work is more project-focused, then Monday.Com might be your ideal choice.

As a project management tool at heart, Monday.Com is focused on planning and communication.

It features a traffic light structure, which means it is straightforward to see where every project, team or business member is with their essential tasks. Not only this, but it also comes with reports via the easy-to-use dashboard interface.

5 - Asana

Real-time collaboration is a whizz when you choose Asana. It is ideal for tracking and delegating projects and ensuring that the work that needs to be done is organised and well set out.

You can set out projects in several formats; this includes lists, boards, calendars and charts. Anything that means it is easier for you to track and consolidate the work you need to complete.

When we get to grips with remote working, we also have to get to grips with collaborative and communication tools. Thankfully, with so many options to consider, it is easy to find one that works for us and can help you run your business, no matter where you are.

If you need help or support facilitating change within your business, contact us today.


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