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  • Steven Meredith

5 Reasons It's Important for an SME to have Good Quality Salespeople in Order to Grow

Lead generation and effective business development approaches form the backbone of many small businesses in the UK. Getting good quality salespeople on board, whatever the size of your enterprise, can mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s one of the reasons why a small business will put more resources into developing its sales team in the first place.

Whether it’s a telemarketing team or field sales team visiting potential customers, there are key reasons why these individuals are vital to growth.

1 - Good Sales People Have Belief

It’s difficult to be interested in something you don’t believe in. Many people think that all sales teams are solely focused on their bottom line but, for the very best, remuneration is only part of the story.

Good quality salespeople will gravitate towards a product or service they relate on a deeper personal level. They have confidence in its integrity and that means they can develop a strong sales approach. Belief in the product allows sales teams to engage at a much more profound level as it makes a difference in people’s lives.

If your SME has engaged salespeople, you can be 100% confident they are delivering their best for your business. Their engagement is infectious and that enthusiasm helps everyone involved in running your company be more productive.

2 - Understanding Your Product or Service from the Customer's POV

Good quality salespeople don’t take things for granted. They look at your product or service from the customer’s point of view and understand it in minute detail.

That doesn’t just mean the positive features and benefits and whether person X or Y will be attracted to them but also understanding the hurdles that might prevent an individual from buying or hiring and how to overcome these.

3 - Building a Coherent Sales Strategy

There are many elements to a good sales strategy and having these in place is critical to success and growth. Great sales teams know that this isn’t a do-it-by-numbers exercise but a process of finding what works best at each stage of the sales journey.

  • Spot potential: Great sales teams know the difference between a cold and a warm prospect and how to get the most out of each and every opportunity.

  • Flexibility: Sales teams also have to adapt. There is no one size fits all solution. You may have a standard script to work on for new salespeople but, for the professional, flexibility and adaptability is paramount.

  • Efficient sales processes: Good sales teams don’t spend time on lost causes – their experience and knowledge can be invaluable in making sure that sales processes are efficiently honed and most of the time is spent on the realistic potential for a positive outcome.

4 - Lead generation and development

No sales team can be efficient if it doesn’t have good leads to work from. These potential customers for conversion are located at various stages of the sales funnel and managing them can be challenging.

Which leads are ready to convert right now? Which others need more time and extra convincing? What messaging is going to work at stage X, Y or Z? When is the best time to close?

SMEs can waste valuable time on spurious leads that are unlikely to go anywhere. Quality lead generation and development is therefore essential. The role of the skilled salesperson is to sift through the list of potentials and identify the ones that have the best chance of a conversion.

5 - Closing the Sale

Finally, many a sales rep has got to the business end of negotiations only to find the ground disappearing under their feet. A good sales team not only knows the right buttons to press but understands that the deal isn’t sealed until the customer has signed on the dotted line.

They don’t take things for granted and are always prepared to go that little bit further to get the sale over the line.

In the end, their experience and the groundwork they have done with the potential customer pays dividends when negotiations reach the end.

Our service offering also includes lead conversion, telemarketing, appointment setting, cold calling, warm calling, relationship building, account management, customer retention, and the full 360-degree gambit.

Get in touch today to discuss your business needs for sales, lead generation, lead conversion and ways to increase your revenue, simply book a free 30 minute discovery call.


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